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LaterationXYZ and NXP

In a groundbreaking collaboration, LaterationXYZ and NXP are joining forces to redefine the world of ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. Their combined effort aims to drastically increase the accuracy of UWB measurements, reducing the margin of error from several centimeters down to less than a millimeter. This development can be seen as the next big leap in UWB technology, promising a transformative impact on various sectors across the globe. NXP press release

The unprecedented accuracy of the new UWB approach will be a game-changer for many industries that rely on precise localization and tracking capabilities. The integration of this technology in everyday devices like cars and mobile phones is expected to shape and significantly improve the lives of countless people around the world. While the specific terms of the deal remain undisclosed, the deal constitutes an important milestone in LaterationXYZ’s history and future business trajectory. Recognized as a leader in the localization field, the company is set to continue pushing the boundaries of UWB technology, contributing to the continuous evolution of the industry.

NXP Semiconductors is a leader in the field of UWB technology

NXP Semiconductors has established itself as a forerunner in Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, with its cutting-edge UWB chips being incorporated into a wide array of high-end devices and vehicles. Notably, NXP’s UWB chips have been integrated into Samsung’s smartphones, making the tech giant’s devices even more versatile and connected. Furthermore, NXP’s UWB technology is the chosen standard for many automotive manufacturers, highlighting the wide acceptance and trust in their innovation.


Shaping the future

LaterationXYZ and NXP are proud to announce that they will continue to collaborate, seeking to further innovate and broaden the possibilities of UWB. The partnership is rooted in shared technological expertise and the vision of driving revolutionary changes. 

The collaboration with NXP, a global semiconductor manufacturer renowned for its robust portfolio in automotive, security, IoT, and connectivity, instills great pride in the team at LaterationXYZ. The cross-industry impact of this collaboration stands to not only strengthen LaterationXYZ’s position in the market but also to foster a significant advancement in the wider technology sector.

The disruptive potential of UWB technology enhanced by this newly developed method promises to unlock new applications and possibilities. As UWB technology becomes increasingly embedded in our daily lives.

As we are looking forward to a future dominated by more precise, robust, and secure localization and tracking, this partnership between LaterationXYZ and NXP is undoubtedly a giant stride towards achieving this vision.

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