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LaterationXYZ technology drives MITA's success

We are proud to announce that our contribution to project MITA (“Military IoT for Tactical Reconnaissance”) has been vital in redefining the state of the art in IoT usage for military applications.  

MITA’s project goal was to demonstrate the feasibility of battlefield reconnaissance and safeguarding NATO’s eastern flank through a highly secure network of interconnected IoT sensors. The project was successful in demonstrating that extensive areas can be monitored and safeguarded in real-time. 

LaterationXYZ, renowned for its world leading expertise in highly precise localization as well as secure and robust radio communication, was chosen as a trusted partner by BWI InnoX. As IT service provider and IT system house of the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces), BWI GmbH is owned by the German federal government. In this innovation project, LaterationXYZ`s cutting-edge sensor prototypes and algorithms showcased their ability to detect persons and vehicles solely through radio technology.  

The project holds a prestigious reputation among prominent companies and players within the industry by offering a captivating preview of the future of military reconnaissance and battlefield digitalization.  LaterationXYZ established its role in border safeguarding when the Bundeswehr command personnel witnessed firsthand the suitability of its technology at Altengrabow training area. 

LaterationXYZ’s solution offers several advantages over traditional technologies, such as its independence from daylight and resistance to dust and dirt. Furthermore, the sensor network can be used as an alternative and reliable positioning system for GPS-denied environments and as a versatile, robust, and secure communications network. Detecting movements in real time, the system triggers alarms, when necessary, which allows for quick responses to potential threats.  

State of the Art

Due to their small size and battery operability, the discreet devices blend in with the surrounding terrain. Dropped from unmanned aerial systems (UAS) or deployed by mobile forces, they can autonomously spin up a meshed data network and are not reliant on other infrastructure. Their unique mode of operation, paired with the very low transmitting power, makes hostile radio reconnaissance of the sensors very difficult.

Showcasing the successful integration of LaterationXYZ’s technology into Bundeswehr’s current C2 and Battle Management systems, as well as blackned’s tactical core networking infrastructure, LaterationXYZ proved its capability to ensure seamless information availability for decision making. Moreover, all captured data contributes to machine learning and AI system training, reinforcing our solution as an indispensable asset for future battlefields.

Pioneering the revolution of positioning, LaterationXYZ’s significant contributions to the MITA project have propelled Military IoT into a new era, pushing the limits of positioning and reconnaissance technology for military use.

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